Life in the Lab – and the Church

Gustavo Assi in the lab. ©  Gustavo Assi
Gustavo Assi in the lab. © Gustavo Assi

Gustavo Assi is a Naval Architect and Ocean Engineer at the University of São Paulo in Brazil. Here he explains how his faith is relevant to his work, and how he tries to bring scientific conversations to the church (part 1 here.)

In the same way that faith brings purpose to my research and helps me to think about difficult issues, my research brings colour to my faith. It brings the same kind of pleasure and awe that I feel when I am worshipping in my church with a choir and orchestra playing. It’s so colourful, so rich, so enjoyable, and it helps me appreciate that God is there being worshipped! The same thing happens when I am working in the lab, and it makes Continue reading

Life in the Lab – Ocean Engineering

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What does life in the lab look like for someone in Brazil? Gustavo Assi completed his PhD at Imperial College, London, then returned to Brazil to start his own research group. While in the UK, Gustavo joined Christians in Science, and he is currently involved in setting up a similar group in Brazil (details here).

I’m a lecturer in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering at the University of São Paulo, which is the largest University in Brazil. I’m also on the leadership team of a Presbyterian church in São Paulo, where I spend time teaching both adults and teenagers.

I’m an experimental hydrodynamicist, so I work in the lab and get my hands in the water, understanding and analysing natural phenomena. I also have to be very practical, coming up with engineering solutions that are useful for people, and address current problems Continue reading