Guest Post – Theology and Science: Saving lives together

flooding natural disaster new-orleans-81669_1280David Mark copy
Flooding in New Orleans, where Roger did some of his research. David Mark, Pixabay

Earlier this year, as a practical theologian, I was given the opportunity of presenting at a meeting hosted by the American Geophysical Union. I laid out the case for a close collaboration between theology and geoscience. After my brief presentation, enough interest was kindled for me to be invited to enlarge on my case, since in the words of one delegate, “We as geophysicists have never felt comfortable that theology can contribute anything to our science.” I enlarged on my case, and as I did so I felt encouraged to feel a previous ice age beginning to melt: the ‘ice age’ of science and faith being in conflict. Continue reading

Perpetuating the myths?


At the Faraday Institute Ordinands course last week I sat in on Patrick Richmond’s lecture on ‘Handling Questions on Science and Religion in the Parish’. He gave a few very wise pieces of advice – such as tailoring your material to your audience, not your hobby horse. He also questioned whether responding to current issues is always wise. Continue reading