A unique rapper

Anyone heard of  Baba Brinkman? He calls himself a ‘rap troubador’ (I expect this title was inspired by his studies in Medieval and Renaissance English Literature). His first project was ‘The Rap Canterbury tales’, and then he tackled ‘The Rap Guide to Evolution‘. There can’t be many rappers out there dealing with scientific subjects so he’s worth a look, and I hope others will follow suit in a similarly creative fashion.

From what I’ve seen on You Tube Baba Brinkman is funny, original, controversial, and thought provoking. Of course I don’t agree with everything he says, but his work has got to be a fun teaching tool for high school teachers! (Although they will no doubt need to avoid the ones with explicit lyrics.)

His latest album ‘The Rap Guide to Human Nature‘ was released last year. I didn’t like it as much the videos I’ve seen of the guide to evolution – it seems to be targeted towards the more inebriated audiences of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, where it  toured last summer… But you should definitely check out his work on evolution which could be a fun starter for a discussion group, though it comes from quite an anti-faith stance. It was developed at the invitation of Mark Pallen, a microbiologist at the University of Birmingham and was funded by the British Council. It includes a good amount of scientific detail, and has been thoroughly vetted for scientific and historical accuracy, so it’s pretty unique. But his interpretation of the science is very reductionist, so it’s a good way to get people thinking about what they really believe about the interface between science and faith.

There’s a great video of Baba Brinkman rapping to a very illustrious audience in front of King’s College, Cambridge, last summer entitled ‘Performance, feedback, revision’.

2 thoughts on “A unique rapper

  1. Gavin January 11, 2011 / 5:04 pm

    I saw Baba at the Fringe a couple years back and enjoyed his evolution stuff a lot. Would agree with you about not agreeing with everything he says but he is a fast and very effective way of teaching folk what the science side of evolution is really about. A year and a half on I still remember ‘Performance, feedback, revision’!


  2. Dr Ike Okadigwe January 12, 2011 / 12:23 pm

    Baba needs to read the little big book Evolution Fact or Fiction? by Dr John Blanchard – you probably have read it already – containing over 123 secular and biblical references calling evolutionary thinking and theory into question. As Jesus said – You shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free. It might even get him thinking afresh and rapping.


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